Multi Account Management

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Multi Account Management (MAM)

Our Multi account Management (MAM) is a trusted solution that allows Portfolio Managers to manage multiple account for your clients. It is a high-performance platform that allows you manage account with one Interface, thousands of accounts can be traded with just a second click and profit and commission are distributed to all account same time.

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Manager Requirement

  • As a MAM manager, you will have to send a live statement of trading account for a period of 3-6 Months.
  • A trading License or Legal Opinion may be required if you are operating from a jurisdiction that require regulation.
  • All your client must complete a power of attorney or authorization and Risk disclosure agreement.
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MAM Features

Our unique MAM solution has different futures such as:

  • Unlimited Trading Account and Deposit
  • Full Mini, Micro and standard lots sizes
  • Fast execution of Orders with Ultra-Modern/classic Trading Platform
  • All Market orders accepted such Trailing stop, Stop lose, take profit, etc…
  • Professional trading performances displayed to your clients
  • Access to set your Profit or commission sharing Formula, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Ability to add or remove account without affecting other trades and other account
  • Real live market watch windows and price quotes with MAM trading platform
  • Allow your client to monitor their own account on real time
  • Solution for EA managers and Manual Managers.
  • Proportional by Balance or Equity.